[laptops] Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets 2014-2015

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets 2014-2015

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets 2014-2015
Amazon is planning to give away a subscription to a Washington Post app with its forthcoming Kindle Fire tablets, a report on Monday claimed.
Bloomberg Businessweek sources claim a magazine-style application will be preloaded onto new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablets, which are expected to be released in the run up to the holiday season.
[laptops] Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets 2014-2015 Amazon-Kindle-Fire-Tablets-2014-2015-500x281
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets 2014-2015

The app will initially be free, the report claims, while Amazon plans to release the app for other Kindle Fire tablets later on and offer it as a paid subscription for Apple’s iPad tablets.
The Washington Post, of course, is the property of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who snapped up the paper for around £163m over a year ago.
According to recent reports, Bezos plans to make the newspaper a national publication and the app, dubbed Project Rainbow internally, is part of the expansion process.
The integration into the Kindle package would give buyers of Amazon’s popular tablets yet more value for their purchase.
Owners already get free access to Amazon Prime for 12 months, access to Amazon Prime Instant Video and Amazon Music as well as round the clock technical support courtesy of the Mayday platform.
Free access to a digital newspaper with quality content from the Post would be another series carrot dangled as the company looks to take control of the tablet market.